Which character would 100% call you a slur?

While I don’t think he would, Randall is probably capable of calling you every single insulting or offensive word to ever exist.

skyhall citizens

without roblox censoring he would have a field day

I’d say morden if he were on something

  • Arwald
  • Everyone in Skyhall

Elius & Carina

Cernyx, Argos, Julian, and Enizor.
Enizor’s the innocent one, he’s saying a slur that wasn’t a slur back in his day so he’s clueless.
Argos would do it specifically out of rage
Cernyx calls anyone not in the cult slurs.

Julian is a washed up egotist, of course he says slurs.

pretty much every single character in AO
exception of morden cuz he a snowflake

I feel like he’s more of a depressed dude who doesn’t give a sh*t anymore

It’s clear they meant “would’ve” you-

skyhall citizens, julian, idk tbh

who the hell is julian

Maria but I would be the first one to call her a slur because she’s a bitch with her iframe

Have you played the game


Iris seems like the kind of person who, while she doesn’t use racial slurs because she believes in equality, uses universal slurs on everyone.

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Bud posted slurs before thinking better of it.

Nah it was all in cursive and ugly


Glass guy that severely injures you before you go to prison.

Argos: Back in my day… :older_man: