Which character would 100% call you a slur?

Title speaks for itself

my warlock

but I also call him slurs, so it’s fine

he’s old fashioned he doesn’t understand it’s wrong


No, no
he does understand it’s wrong, but just makes people think he doesn’t with his age and how often he throws them out



every single cerulean and skyhallean
(obvious answer)

Argos has manners he would never

Julian would tho

Calvus 100%

Julian too

Iris, Argos, Cernyx, Elius, Maria
Revon probably as well, but likely more because you killed his brother, beat the ever-loving sh*t out of him and then used the sit/push-up animation whilst he was laying on the beach

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he literally calls you a worm ingame
if he was in his prime, he would’ve recited an entire dictionary but in such a way where every word sounds derogatory


I am willing to bet you my left kidney that Edward knows every slur in the book if you give him one too many beer bottles

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Revon would be the type of guy to call you sum shi like scallywag or jerk

I just KNOW julian would use the n word

my Warlock is racist

None of the royal characters (wusses), argos is my main point. He didn’t have any power from the start meaning he would have been an ordinary soldier.

me, whenever someone says

it’s ‘would have’, you - (the mods have advised me not to finish this sentence)

Thank you for pointing out my mistake. I have been humbled and I thank you. :pray: