Which do you prefer?

Which do you prefer?
  • Webcomics
  • Fanfiction
  • Both are terrible

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Just wondering

There’s a thing called outside

both are shitty

What’s that?

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When you think about it, people who go outside often are just outdoor nerds

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Only chose webcomic because of Littleshreksheep, and honestly I stopped at like the third chapter because I didn’t have enough time to read
Meanwhile, fanfictions are only known for fucked up stuff

Aw, come on, not all fanfiction is bad… Just most of it! I spent an entire weekend reading this really great 140+ chapter fanfic, it’s amazing, trust me

I did say known

I normally don’t read either, only Trollus’s webcomic rn

Both have the potential to house great stories.
They also both have the potential to make me wonder what exactly is wrong with the author.

More often than not it ends up as the latter but hey, you can’t find a good story without sifting through some bad ones.

Wait there are AA fanfiction ???

I like headcanon, as long as it’s not overly cringey. I have a lot myself.

I don’t go on webcomic ever, even though I know there’s probably non terrible ones there, including the AA webcomic

More like
canon doesnt exist here

Fanfics could be fun
as long as it’s not a slash fic or something and is well made then yeah

ngl both have the potential to be or be not shit

only webcomic i’ve unironically read is homestuck and i dont like fanfiction in general so


me too :sleeper:

U dont like the Frosie fanfic I sent? lol

its not fanfic if you’re the one who made frosie

Ig, you speak truth