Which Feature or Adjustment you want the most

  • Flaunt (Magic Interaction)
  • Magic Energy Sensing
  • Books
  • Teams
  • Quiz for last name
  • Secondary stats (Mg/Str)
  • Fighting Styles
  • Bounty Hunting
  • Auction
  • Guilds

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This poll is not about what update you want, but which feature you want the most right now.

why is this not a multiple choice selection
i can’t decide between bounty hunting and magic energy sensing

I broke something…

How could you forget about dodging?

Fr dodging would be the simplest to add, yet would add the most fun because of its many use cases and generally being the most game changing.

Not the best thing to add, i didn’t like it in AA
It changed pvp alot

Nobody want guilds.

Fighting Styles, Secondary Stats, Quiz for last name (I assumed culture quiz).

I mainly play singular so multiplayer stuff doesn’t interest me yet.

disenchantment scrolls…even though they’re probably not going to get added

Auction so bad luck doesn’t hold me back anymore

is this bias…? wtf

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flaunting with light magic will be exoria light spell

Magic Energy Sensing could maybe tell you what other people’s magics are so you can use it to your advantage and Flaunt sounds cool. Books are storyline related so I am excited for those too

magic sensing will ruin hide and seek events

Trees are too op.

Vetex should add this Tree Growth Regulator (what else TGR stands for?)

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What have you done, vetex is adding fighting styles.

whats the problem with that fighting styles are pog