Which gear should I use as a mage?

So I was thinking about going for a combination of power and defense but I’m not sure if I should use Sunken armor or Calvus armor. And which accessories would be good to go along with the armors? I’m a water/lightning mage.

Im explosin-ash mage, who is all into aoe. You can replace sunken with hard king’s cape, and amulet with defense or power one

Im still trying to figure out if i should go for hard sunken armor, strong sunken armor, hard calvus armor or strong calvus armor

my set

strong calvus, as sunken armor really doesn’t have the best of stats. and defense is inferior to sheer power.

full attack size (sunken set, calvus crown/cape, atk size amulet) if u hate fun and want to win fights with your eyes closed

if you want to be annoying, use bursting enchants on calvus armor, or power enchants on sunken.

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