Which guild, has the best guild name

ice and water magic in question:

i didnt read the whole thing, too lazy to

Read it nobody can survive including ye tank
Cuz suncry is just that good

but anyway im ded as hell if that happened to me :skull:

Wow what a waste of a rant paragraph. Smh it’s not about equinox

But on a serious note quite a few leaderboard guilds have pretty good names. Suncry is a good concise attention grabbing name though.

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i believe warvale and redvane is a good name

idk about flux’s guild, seabreaker is a nice name

Equinox is good but suncry is simply better

cookies affected the world of magic one


mmm das nice

all guild names that aren’t jokes sucks. If they aren’t jokes, or they have too much effort poured into them, it means whoever creating it is taking the game too seriously

your mom jokes>edgelord google translated names

if I were to make a guild I’m gonna name it “the society of shoe enthusiasts” or TSOSE

clown nose supremacy

arcane clowns :clown_face:

operation: Suncry would sound quite a bit like a fucking warhead being dropped

let’s break it down for you: the word “Suncry” is a combination of the words “Sun” and Cry"
now, let’s break those words into their definitions

we’re going to be using the first definition for sun, or: the star around which the earth orbits.
and now for the definition of cry

this one has several different meanings, so I wouldn’t blame you for misinterpreting it. For the word Suncry, we are using the first definition of the nouns, or: a loud inarticulate shout or scream expressing a powerful feeling or emotion.

now, let’s think of what putting together these two words might mean. with the word sun, we mean a ball of fire, which happens to have a great amount of power generated by it. and for the word cry, we mean the shout, which can be interpretated as a “battle cry”. now, putting this together, we get the very powerful ball of fire uttering a battle cry, or essentially, a big fucking explosion.

Now, by sheer coincidence, this definition we made up for the word “Suncry” also happens to be a great description of what it would be the name of, if it was a codename for say, a nuclear warhead, and is why the word “Suncry” sounds like a codename for a nuclear weapons program

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Honestly anything that isn’t overtly edgy (e.g: Suncry/Azure Sorcery), isn’t blatantly ripped from an anime (e.g: Noble Phantasm/Black Bulls), and isn’t a dead meme (e.g: Doge Nation) already qualifies for best guild name.

which is
none of them. surprise, surprise.

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ok so immediate reply to previous post
I’ve only found 2 guilds that qualify for best name by passing my criteria
and that’s

Pp farts
the church of yelling at puppies

ngl Suncy sounds pretty cool tbh