Which guild will become #1 after AO releases

I dont think suncry will reclaim their position, since barely any of them are active. This indicates that once AO releases, they will either do nothing or be caught off guard and start behind. Same goes for every other inactive guild.
My best bet would go to roselight, they seem to be the most active guild and have a relatively good reputation.

guild that will hit #1 will be a guild which has a lot of members who can farm infamy quickly. i dont think roselight will hit #1
heres my take

  • suncry
  • azure sorcery (though i do have my suspicions)

otherwise, some guilds with a small memberbase that are on lb currently will have active farmers. so i can expect them to hit lb around the start maybe?

  • naval
  • silverthorn
  • entity
  • helios

i dont really know any smaller guilds too well so i cant say anything for them


I don’t know what’s up with guilds at the moment but Doge?

wym doge

None of the current ones

Only time will tell.

Doge Nation

missed out omega smh my head
(im being satire)

roselight >> midCRY

roselight >>> cringe sorcery

TLDR; Roselight = based





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If it’s actually gonna be created

They almost got first as well almost beaten suncry but they disbanded for a reason that I don’t even know.

What happened to them in wom?

Don’t know, I only saw some clip of them disbanding but nothing else after that.

didnt doge farm crazy amounts of infamy by recruiting randoms in AR and have them capture islands in industrial scales in arcane reborn

No this is a WoM guild.

oh didnt know

spearbreak? i mean we farmed out way up even when we had a very late start and getting farmed by other big guilds so…

percy water