Which is the best city from wom

The ones in the game…[poll type=regular results=always chartType=pie]

  • Bell Village
  • Iron Port
  • River Ville
  • SummerHold

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bro wtf :skull:

dont know how tf to do polls this is my best sorry :frcryin:

nobody said bell

poor bell village

the most ironic part is that my profile pic character is from bell

i am from river

summerhold is my main account hometown
summerhold also has a king
who else can say they have a king

summerhold is a cool city its the home tome to 2 of my files

Very epic image

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how did that happen

i just shot a 20 blast spell to the sky and screenshotted it when i finished

Anyone who says Bell Village is the best town in WoM is not only living to themselves but lying to the people around them

bell village kinda ugly ngl

ironport winning :sunglasses:

yeah its the coolset city from all tho i liek mroe riverville bc its very calm and small


I definitely like iron port more out of all of them.

Gonna be nice to see how they stack up to arcane odyssey locations lol

That didn’t age bell (Why is nobody laughing :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

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