Which is worth more?

Headless Head OR Strong Sunken Sword
Please explain which you think is more.

Headless or Sunken Sword?
  • Headless Head
  • Strong Sunken Sword

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I’m genuinely curious to know.

I’ll close at 50 votes.

I’m the dumb bitch who doesn’t know how to trade but has enough luck to get myself another sunken reliably.

Halloween is over and I didn’t play so uh, ya

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Headless by far. Will always be high tier in the market.

Imagine being lazy :fr:

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The only use for headless is for trading (I don’t use it as vanity cause it looks yucky).
Even if a sunken sword isn’t nearly as rare, it still is MAGNITUDES better than a headless because you actually can use it.

worth ≠ rarity
utility >>>> vanity

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headless head is a one-time item
you can get a sunken sword year-round

I disagree, all you have to do is wait like 3 months and headless will be worth wayyy more than some wet sword and besides it’s not like sunken sword will be upgradeable to max lvl anyway. You need to think long term. :frsleepin:

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Obviously, headless is worth more than a sunken.

imo a strong sunken sword, as of rn its by far the best weapon for pvp and with the weapon buff coming with the tgr its gonna be even better. It also matters to me more since im a weapon main and im pretty sure the sunken sword will be viable even after lvl 100.

But in the long term ofc headless, just as of rn strong sunken sword imo but i can def understand why you wouldnt think so

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