Which Lost Spell are you most hyped for?

I really like the idea of Meteor Attack, and definitely Magic Arm, Transformation, and Strong Magic Energy. How about you?

  • Summon Elemental
  • Magic Arm
  • Enchantment
  • Strong Blast
  • Immense Magic Energy
  • Transformation
  • Locking Blast
  • Zone
  • Explosive Blast
  • Arc Sphere
  • Meteor Attack
  • Recoil Jump
  • Burst Attack

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why is it color coded,

regardless, magic arm is totally the coolest,
elementals are cool and all, but probably cost alot to maintain/use, while being clunky with the normal npc AI
none of the others besides those really stand out and are just fancy forms of different shit already in game

website makes it color coded

bro transformation are cool

Recoil jump is the obvious choice

magic arm, strong blast and enchantment on top

i can see Zone being pretty awesome with magics that have powerful status effects like ice

transformation because transformation yes

Magic arm is very epic :eyes:

having a magic arm with most magics is going to look really awesome honestly

Magic arm is no question going to be the coolest.
I do hope it gets changed to not cause insanity though, as I don’t like the idea of seeing and hearing things that aren’t real.

enchantment if i wanna work on my support character
summon elemental, transformation and magic arm if i wanna work on my offense character

Zone is gonna be so good. Turf war irl

Yeah, Zone seems like it’s going to be a pretty decent Lost Spell imo.

Magic arm would be pretty sweet

what do you mean by that
like i summon a person made of wood to fight for me?

I think so, at least in theory that’s correct.

Kind of 50/50 for me either Summon Elemental or Transformation

summon, transform and enchant cause i’m suck at pvp so i’m just gonna be support :v

so… you’re saying… if i use gold magic…
sorry no sorry