Which magic has the best aesthetics?

We all know that the way a magic looks is the only thing that truly matters, who needs to win when you can lose with style?
So I want to know, what magic has the best aesthetics or style?

Personally I think Crystal is a great magic in this regard, with beautiful crystal structures to kill your opponents with! My only nitpick is that its pillar would look cooler as a single big crystal with a flat top rather than a ridiculously spiky pillar that would hurt to stand on. Other than that the naming options can be great as well, with my favourite synonym being Gemstone

Lightning magic would get my number one spot in terms of aesthetics, if you go for single hit attacks you really get the feel of what I think lightning is supposed to look like in a fight, fast and sudden just like lightning in real life. It has great naming options too, you can name your shockwave explosion “Shock Wave”.

Paper is an honourable mention simply due to the mental image of angrily throwing cards at wizards in an effort to kill them

Some examples of magics which I don’t think are good at looking cool are Wood and shadow. These magics either feel lacking in style, visually bland, or just don’t make sense to me. (How are you just conjuring a log out of thin air? If you can do that just hurl a carbon block at your enemy)

Of course, the aesthetics meta is going to change in the future with the adding of flaunts in the future. (How are you supposed to flaunt being able to conjure wood out of thin air??)

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Glass looks cool

Fire is generic, though I really like how it looks.

the answer has got to be crystal

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explosion is currently all about the aesthetics. i want to wear sunglasses whenever I see mushroom clouds going off explosive magix in the distance

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I still think lightning the coolest looking in regards to anything it does

Crystal crystal crystal crystal

Poison, explosion and ice have the best aesthetics, vetex obviously worked hard to make those meshes.

Everyone here makes a very good argument, but unfortunately, a lot of you are wrong. Don’t ask me how an opinion can be wrong, just know that it is.

Any answer that is not “light” or “shadow” is 100 percent incorrect. The pillar explosion is so perfect, it deserves it’s own religion around it. Now, why you would ever use a pillar explosion in the first place I don’t know, but god it looks so good.

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