Which magic will have the coolest maker magic spells?

Altough we don’t have much information conserning maker abilities, that doesn’t stop us from having a thought and then an opinion over it right?

Every magic could be cool in a way, Explosion bombs can be used as nukes, Plasma melee weapons can be used as lightsabers and plasma ranged weapons as laser blasters, there’s alot of cool stuff but out of them all, i think a fire (blunderbuss) ranged weapon would be the coolest thing there is.


slash magic + melee = magic sword??? yooooooooo?

Iron maker magic weapons…
Hopefully vetex surprises us with something cool

Lightning so i can make Mjolnir


y’all thinking too small, pass me the phoenix gunsword

crystal would totally be the coolest for maker magics

In my opinion, I’d feel like Paper would be one of the coolest magics with maker magic! Not only are the paper magics going to be basically origami, it’s the fact that origami is very diverse and can take upon multiple forms!
One of the cooler forms would be Ranged, as it will most likely be a fast and small paper shuriken, easy to get the bleed on your opponent!
Here’s Mario and Luigi shooting a paper shuriken. It’ll look similar to that!


Ice bow since I can then somewhat replicate the frostbow from Arcane Adventures.

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Wood because wood sword :smiley:


shadow kraken sharks


I’m conflicted about this one

Diamond because it’s perfect for sharp weapons

Slash because it’s green blade wind (buster sword time)

Light because fast weapons are fun

Ice because it’s ice

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Imma say fire because it’s already one of the coolest looking magic, especially its explosions.

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Probably Fire or Plasma, the prettiest magics by far in my opinion!


actually i take that back not slash magic



Yoooo but imagine if storm bomb created a rain cloud and the drops did damage

That will be without a doubt iron.

inb4 gray fullbuster exists in WoM

magma bows. thats all im gonna say.

Honestly plasma is probably gonna have the coolest maker/mastery magic spells

everyone literally just saying their main magic