Which of these looks i should use for the hallowheen? ( accepting other suggestions/inspirations )

Heres the first one: The Pirate Pumpkin ( Its cool, maybe i should put the Skeleton hat at the pirate hat place or idk gimme ur ideas )

Heres how i did the visual. ( i only put the pumpking lol )

Now its my favorite visual, The one that i rlly most want to use: Cursed Wrappings Jack-O-Man

Heres on i did the Visual.

Now gimme ur ideas, what i should remove or change?, What could be better and why?..of course your guys can post some looks here to i get some inspiration :ghost:

i think you should hop off wom


Ao coming. :joy:


No wom

Good. :+1:

didn’ t know where to put cuz This forum doesn’t have many topic options. One secc

There ya.

i think this one is better

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Nice, i rlly like this one thx :+1:

i think this one looks more consistent

but it doesn’t really fit the theme of halloween

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Uh oh theres a point.

Wizard set robes and pants + a hood of matching color + dark omen mask

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You still play WoM? Regularly?

Wow this looks cool, ill try this one. :+1:

Oh yes im going to get 50k fish caught rgnw
Btw i got the wrappings legs.

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