Which one is better?

Should I go 120 magic 130 weapons, or 100 magic 150 weapons

150 weapon for tier 3 weapon skills. No reason for 120 magic as you get no tier increase on any spell; snare is decent at best but there are better options on frequently-used weapons.

as a metal conj half-main and as a lightning mage half-main I can tell you it is NOT worth goin for snare (I dont use snare on my mage since its mid and id rather not lose out on good weapons)

it depends on what weapons you using but if you really just don’t use the Tier 3 weapons
then go magic 120

if you do even have/use 1 weapon skill that becomes a Tier 3 with 150 weapons use 100 magic

I personally use 120 magic and 130 weapons because I don’t use any skills that can be tier up to 3 with only 150 weapons

snare is a pretty meh spell it’s very useful to get an easy grab and a bit of damage if you’re hugging the enemy thanks to the circle hitbox

other than that you get multi-beam so if you have a DOT it should be really useful
also duel beam is pretty good if your willing to not play meta/willing to deal with endlag