Which plasma variation do you prefer

  • nova (red)
  • i forfeit my right to an opinion

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Gamma is not only my favorite color, purple, but makes a good amount of sense for plasma. Purple is the color of power and royalty, not only because of our cultural bias towards the color given it’s exclusivity many years back but a natural one too. On the electromagnetic spectrum as a wavelength travels at a higher frequency, with more power, the color of it shifts from the lowest end of the spectrum - red - to the highest end of the spectrum - purple.

For stars, our big balls of plasma, as they get hotter the wave lengths they emit become shorter frequencies and in which we perceive them as purple. Purple is, naturally, the strongest color plasma could ever hope to be and thus why it’s the best.

Also I just like purple dope ass color

its not purple it’s an ugly ass shade of pink



nova winning

(nova is the red one right)

verdies bias


Usually nova but i have come to the conclusion i want a purple glowy rapier instead of a red glowy rapier in AO

Default Cero’s in Bleach are red therefore red > purple

Is gamma on the patreon purple?
Because in wom that shit is the pinkest thing I’ve ever seen

True it does have alot of pink in it, but I view it more purple than pink.

I’m also too lazy to say pinkish purple

It is not more purple than pink

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you could almost say…



nah it’s the purple one actually

source: trust me dude

from that curved blasts leak it looked pretty purple to me


pink plasma looks more right to me since ive only seen pink plasma in games

If there was a dark purple I’d go back to my longest file


“It’s not pink! It’s magenta!”
Quote from a passing through Kamen Rider.