Which region are you going to put your guild base when the entire map gets released?

So what I know about the guilds right now is in the map you can choose where you place your main guild area so what region are you gonna place it? Desert? swamp? grasslands? Snow area?

When the guild update gets released then I would properly put it near the volcano.

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i doubt guilds will leak that kind of info unless they got serious balls. easy gank

There will be fight on those places so yea

nowhere, cause I don’t like guilds
in any game.
it promotes toxicity and shit can get real heated between clans and stuff
If I did, then I’ll just put it somewhere totally random like in the middle of the forest or near a town like Riverville

everyone we’re putting our guild hall right ontop of mount seawatch so we can look down on yo poor asses

jk or am i

i think ashen is taller

Putting my guild hall for my friends where it’s most convenient tbh

somewhere snowy probs, me and the to-be guild leader of my future guild love cold biomes.

I’ll place my guild hall in the hidden tavern so people can come and grab a drink

Well, you can’t really say guilds promote toxicity, everyone is mad at Gavineo cause he spams Lotus order propaganda (which they don’t have much reason really, you can just mute global messages), but after all he has donated a lot of robux off that, it’s like bitting the hand that feeds you

i… dont think it’ll fit there lol

really hope there will be cave areas though, that’d be sick to have your guild hall in a deep, dark cave, hidden away from the world.

Meanwhile your guild, Empire of Arcania has said that they are putting it in the Volcano area. Ez gank ravey

shut the fuck up you bitch

what’s with the hostile reaction dude? all solenite did was point out that your guild had already said where they plan to put their hall, and you also said “i doubt guilds will leak that kind of info unless they got serious balls” so by ur own logic ur guild has serious balls yeah? or do you just not like that solenite pointed out that your guild had already ‘leaked’ their location.

our guild doesnt want to leak our guild hall location, its that simple. i dont think you understand the value of classified information

I’m not the leader of CMMA, so I can’t be sure where our guild hall will be, but if I were to decide I’d put it near ironport, as ironport is a harbor told to be a market and trading hub. Vistarian territory isn’t a bad idea in general, as it interconnects with all other current territories in some way.


CMMA gang

The thing is, it doesn’t matter if other guilds know where your guild hall is because they’d have to be on the same server as you to see it ._.

either me or a friend of mine will create a guild just for friends, and we decided to put it near ashen volcano (or even in the volcano if possible)

Place to get the most customers to come into our guild ha-I mean restaurant. Imagine fighting over material gains when you can just cook and serve to the people in guild wars :triumph: