Which Should be my wallpaper


The Council Will Decide My Fate… :nod:
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2 looks the most ehsthetick

It’s kinda low res tho


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why are you making roblox screenshots your wallpaper though

Because i’m quite fond of Arcane Odyssey.

These also aren’t mine, they’re from Vetex. Arcane Odyssey isn’t out yet, and I am therefore unable to take large amounts of media from it myself.

bro i dont even know what to say except youre just really weird

Thank you very much.

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The second one looks cool, like you’re looking out into the abysse

I would love it if it was more high resolution, but alas suffering :frhollow:

might work lol, don’t believe


if you blur it enough and slap some text on it nobody will know how shit the quality is

but also tobi made some wallpaper worthy stuff based off wom/ao so you could just use that:


my pure impulse picked 4 at first purely because of the micro morden

but yea I got my sanity back and picked 2

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2nd is pure magic