Which ways can you gain value besides fishing

Self-explanatory title
What can you exactly buy with boss drops
Are strong oathkeepers the only way to get sunken items?
in general, are farming bosses better than fishing?

If someone had a sufficient amount of boss drops and or seasonal items to offer for a sunken item then I would trade them. (Most offers I get are insufficient though)
I don’t really enjoy boss farming I’d rather just fish and watch youtube or netflix on a different monitor.

You could also gain value by joining like every server for the game and attempting to lowball a bunch of noobs. (Too tedious in my opinion though)

get oathkeepers and ripoff people as much as you can, if you are lucky you might encounter people who will make massive overpays for them, even sunken gear. it isn’t usual but i has happened more than once

in theory, everything. but you will need A LOT of boss drops to get something like a sss
fork over good boss drops for bad enchant sunkens, work your way up with bad enchant sunkens to cleans, then good sunkens

Literally anything other than fishing, fishing won’t get you shit.

everything besides fishing

1: Trade (Try to grab a Headless in your server here and there, you’ll be surprised by how much value you can save)
2: Grind bosses
3: Enchant items and try to trade them away to build up for Headless (Because it’s the only thing that will significantly rise in AO)

you dont just “grab a headless”. That things hard as hell to get, and a high chance is that whoever has a headless wont trade it any time soon

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I hope you know in-game it’s pretty easy to get a Headless because kids are braindead if they’re not on the forum

The way I used to do it:
-you find a good chest route. ( one where you can continuously run without needing to stop )
-while running, look for some bosses. ( if ya see a boss try to get a drop )
-get a ton of crowns and try to trade someone ( best used on an inexperienced trader ) for something good/better.
-Final step, build up to whatever your trying to get.



tbh you can get sunken helmets with not too many strong oaths

when the game wasn’t dead and noobs who did the halloween event were still running around, it was pretty easy. pretty rare current game rn

I bet it was, but that’s irrelevant right now, trying to manage a lowball for a headless right now is incredibly hard.

Oh yeah definitely, i don’t even play wom anymore… i wished i got into trading and boss hunting earlier… wouldve lowballed so many noobs and made a shit-ton of value :frowning:

it’s not.

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