Which will be superior?

we’ll see.

we. shall. see.

(if they can’t then I’m genuinely disappointed and that is terrible balancing)

Yeah thats what I’m thinking, cause like if we get the minimum of 1200 stat points they could only ever afford one or the other

If savant can’t double imbue unless its with spirit energy then yeah that would suck, but if they can double imbue with fs and magic then they probably won’t need both a lost magic and a lost fs

Mages for sure. Lost magics are so goated

There is no way lost magics aren’t going to be busted on release

… and then get nerfed to be worse than regular ones in a week

mfw slash gets so badly nerfed that solo ash has more viability :skull:


we dont really know how busted their stats would be just yet, assuming Vetex learnt his lessons maybe they wont be brokenly OP

its comfirmed that they will get double imbues ( it could still change ofc )

how useful that would be is debatable, tho, since it heavily depend on what imbues you’ll using aka either completely useless to straight up broken

overall id say savant cause their stuffs is free and i hate grinding :+1:

Do you mean double imbues that don’t include spirit energy? Cause from the way he worded it in the QnA its sounds possible that double imbues will only be possible with spirit energy. If I’m wrong please tell me cause I would love to be wrong.

you can imbue magic ( and presumably fs ) into spirit weapons, no idea if the other way around is possible

what would imbueing spirit energy into magic/fs/weapon even does, tho…?

we still have too little info rn

you dont need vitality to be a savant, would be dumb to lock their one unique thing behind an optional stat

Okay let me be clear, the way its stated in the QnA makes it sound like you could only imbue magic or fs style with spirit energy into one weapon, or magic and spirit energy into an fs, not magic and fs into the same weapon.

Oh yeah for sure I agree, just based on Vetex’s wording I’m worried its possible he doesn’t feel the same way

either way, savant on top ( im grinding those 1/6000 items thank you )

at least fs will be easier to get since you’ll just need to find their mentors… assuming lost fs even have one

At absolute worst we’ll still be able to imbue magic on strength weapons and vice versa

Savant will never get to cook unfortunately

Assuming vetex insisting on making lost magic requires 600 points in magic like in the trello, with the current investment cap for savant ( 50% ) it means you’re obligated to assign it to your first slot at the very fucking endgame (max level is 600)

Same case for lost fighting styles but atleast you can imbue it with magic and spirit weapon. Sadly no lost magic imbuement on lost fighting style

Iirc Vetex said that the end level would be closer to 600(when talking to people thinking it would be 1000) so it could be higher? I’m hoping all seas follow the same level trend and the max level is somewhere around 750.

Wardens will cook everybody, and spirit weapons will be added on 4/20.

were cooking rn with our bugged awakening but sadly vetex is going to delete that soon.

I wonder why he hadn’t done it already? we have had multiple patch notes and it hasn’t been acknowledged

warlock with lost fs and lost magics combined could be tuff