Which will be superior?

Which do y’all think will be better in the future? Any class, minus savant, with lost magic/fs and/or future exotic/legendary weapons, or Savants with double imbues(assuming that they get double imbues aside from just spirit energy)?

Ruby Roger solos

Do you have a serious answer or is that it?

honestly I think it depends on what savants get in the future.

Mage on top, forever

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depends on the mage

if you’re metal mage and you run 300+ power, you suck.

Magma mage on top

magma wood mage :sunglasses:

shadow/light mage on top

you know, I actually had a shadow light mage.

it is… meh.

(rare moment of shadow support from me, but shadow/acid or shadow/poison is a lot cooler aesthetically)

All builds are meant to be equal. Does that mean they will be? Probably not, the best class by the end of the game could be any of them, I just hope it’s gonna be mage

paladin will be the best

Warden (trust)

I really hope there’s not a specific “best class” by the end of the game cause that would probably result in a pretty boring game

at every point in time since the games release, there has always been a best class, idk what it is now but there is very likely a class that is considered the best at this very moment

Typically they can still be contended with by other classes

Most likely mage or any magic-adjacent class with lost magics

savant with vampirism and slash magic sounds cool ngl

imbued into the rusty dagger fr…

If a savant could even afford to get both of those

Even with Savant’s lowered lost magic/fighting style requirements, I doubt they will be able to use both a lost magic and a lost fighting style