White eyes


Um… Achuly White Eyes can’t attack rowboats…


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Since when

Tbh if it attacked biggers ships and not rowboats or sailboats when they all have like some sort of living thing on it, it wouldn’t make any sense for it to ignore the rowboats.

(AO is surrounding realism more so btw)
Nice art btw

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Probably the start, but sharks can’t target the ships of people under level 40, and nobody uses a rowboat at level 40 anyway so you are still sort of correct

Man, I could have swore rowboats had some protection from sea monsters

Please turn musket into a girl :pray:

Level 1 newbie sailing West instead of East to get to redwake:

beautifully drawn

No it’s just your imagination there is nothing to hear

chews day innit?

“Why am I seeing a health bar?”

nice art btw !! i love the sketchy style ghhhh

3 rows of teeth man… Biblically accurate behemoths


nice art, tbh. Lucky that i never encounter any White Eyes when I’m still at Redwake

dark sea: