Who are y’all cosplaying as?

I just wanted to know what people are gonna be cosplaying as. I’m cosplaying as gaara (naruto)

Cosplay options would be nice.

After all, there’s like 6 JOJO games on the front page and the forefront simulator is anime.

I’m already 4 parallel universes ahead of you. (Megumin cosplay)

And yes, every single spell name is named explosion.


Sinbad from magi :cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face:

dang that’s hella cool. never thought you’d be able to do that

Not much, but I also got a Kazuma file, closest I could get.

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that looks close enough

I’ve just tried to be an airbender/Aang and match King David so far. I want to do more and better in future updates–also need to remember choosing the names too

I’m gonna be that one cool uncle at the Birthday party who gives what you want every year.

And a little cooler than normal, too.

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im just a dude in merchant clothes

Currently nothing, but I’m planning on dressing my character as Snufkin from the Moomins once I get a Green Wizard Hat.

I saw iron magic and instantly tried cosplaying as risotto from JJBA part 5

actually with explosion magic you could do yoshikage kira pretty well too



well fuck

i’d cosplay as Yoshikage Kira if the name was available


b-but bill gates doesnt look like that