Who created deviantart?

Obviously Vetex

Dragon has a Deviantart account?

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Please don’t go to DeviantArt.

There’s some genuinely good art but there’s so much…horrifying stuff.

Don’t remind me…

to my knowledge I’m the only one here who posts on there

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I don’t use deviantart, but I googled it and looked at the home page. Nothing there looked that NSFW.

you need to know where to look
and i heavily advise you not to

Uhh… I feel as if it will make people want bleach.

I do have an account, but I am waiting until I have actual skill in art before I post :/

same lol

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such as?


they have entire categories for “kinky” and “nude art”…

the nude is still meh
the amount of… “interesting” kinks there are however…