Who got the cloud curse?

Wouldn’t still be around Fort Talos since Beringer got stabbed by Cursebane or am I wrong?

a bird probably

My estranged weird uncle

Either in a Vault or a General used it, that’s my guess

Could be the other order baron under calvus since we only see argos.

revon maybe

yeah i have a theory about Revon using it and fight us in Nimbus sea too

I always assumed its either still within Cursebane during fort Talos’ collapse or had already been extracted and put in a vault deep underground where it’ll never see the light of day again.

We’re not sure. The Cloud Curse was most certainly transported away from Fort Talos before it’s collapse.

However, I think it would be fitting if the Cloud Curse resurfaced in the hands of an Order member during the Nimbus Sea events.


imagine if the cloud curse user could use the magic cloud as some form of power up

Elius said that its considered one of the weaker curses, would be interesting to have something supposedly weak become an absolutely terrifying foe

I think that someone is going to use it in a fight against Warren to lower his morale

the new cloud curse user show up thinking he will be able to help against the inferno curse user ( he will get burnt into nothingness in seconds by a wrathful Warren )

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If we have to fight a curse user later on, would the enemy be damaged normally like any other npc, or would they only take damage from fully charged or buffed up attacks? I know that curse users cant be damaged by normal means, and that to damage them youd have to be a very powerful wizard, but what about for fighting styles and weapons? Does warrior awakenings make their attacks able to damage curse users?

Vetex mentioned that we use small amounts of magic even for non magic attacks that allow us to fight curse users. I presume that it is the awakenings that do that

That makes sense, cause otherwise savants would have no chance lol

it’d be funny if neviro got the cloud curse

the bagel effect

Bro takes a hit of the polluted cloud zaza

i rather he not have any power up ( aside from awakening/gaining powerful armor and weapons, basically no magic )

ah preference then.

just wanna see neviro make it snow, if cloud curse can do that