Who has it worse?

  • Zombie
  • Vampire
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(ofc the vampire even the meme itself shows it)

I mean, the zombie is inable to eat garlic bread too since they have no control over their body and zombies dont eat garlic bread

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But if the zombie’s body found a loaf it would still eat it probably, while the vampire would literally die.

The vampire could choose to die by garlic bread. The zombie might have to watch as their body completely ignores it.
Oh, and something about bodily autonomy, and loss thereof being… well, I assume it could be worse than being unable to eat garlic bread without dying.
(Then again, it’s possible that I never had good garlic bread, and underestimate the loss it’d be)

Yea but knowing that you could eat garlic bread but also knowing that you probably never will eat garlic bread is even worse

why would a zombie that’s only goal is to eat humans eat a loaf of garlic bread, the vampire can choose to obstain I would also never know what they had lost if they had never eaten it, while zombie probably has eaten the bread and knows what its losing.