Who is gonna run insanity T4

I ask this because Warding 5 negates the effects, i also want to know that i can just throw an insanity and love potion on you and you will just combust into nothingness

level 5 insanity just straight up kills you. dealing 10% of your health a second. No one gonna want t5 insanity

wrong it does 20%, but if you have t5 warding as well it negates all the damage from that

it doesnt
all warding does is delay the effects, and warding tier 5 occasionally cause a temporary… invincibility to insanity, which i dont think even works against tier 5 insanity


how does one go about
getting t5 insanity and t5 wardng?

no thanks


i meant t4 insanity but it can be negated by t5 warding, but i assume insanity will be put on stronger then normal gear so u inchant with warding

how does one get t4 insanity or t5 warding??? The most I’ve seen in a video is t2 and maybe t3 in the dark sea.

the halo thing stops the non-damaging effects

well imagine 4 peices of your gear (ex: legs, chest, and 2 accesories) and you enchant all your equipment with warding, you will negate the effects

well yes. But how do you get that high of insanity in the current game?


oh you don’t, because u also can’t get warding till level 500, but im asking if people will run t4 insanity because one simple potion and you lose all your life in 4 seconds, add another and you can’t attempt to 1 shot your enemy before you die

Honestly seems like a normal day on the AO forums. :fr:

dangerous insanity is tier 4
tier 5 isnt affected by warding whatsoever

Probably gonna run insanity 3-4 on my Apocalypse Bringer file. That file won’t be for pvp or really anything other than being able to cause mayhem.

if the armour gives good enough stats despite the insanity i’ll probably use it

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going to run the highest possible insanity that won’t make the game unplayable on my inferno file

highest tier of insanity ( tier 5 ) can be obtained if you go really far into the dark sea iirc, nothing can negate it

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