Who is Jared Rose

who. is jared rose?
Jared, rose ganked my. ally Salvatore Mortale.
they called them! trash and ez.
who is? jared rose.
cause i want to break their spine and turn them into fondue.
who… are they? is jared rose.

JARED! rose, lost to one of my. friends members…? And. he complained of, PING!!!

after. the gonkening!!! the gonk.

the end

EXCEPT!!! who is!!! Jar jar binks. Jared banks.

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jar ross… jar.

jar BINKS?!

ok im not joking who is jared banks cause they ganked my ally and my allies ally. im kinda pissed. who are they.


jar jar binks is username has be

someoneisapotatoe!!! what could? this mean though…

is it high time to send someone to GONK!?!?

I thought we agreed to stop making posts like these

its not outright toxic its a meme

now shut up before people think we’re toxic cause you said something lol

someoneisapotatoe? the green acid in this video?

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EWWWW ACID gross!!!

fucking amazing now its easy to introduce my child

oh btw please dont gank salvatore i really dont want to have to send erik to gank you… he’ll make me pay him BOBUX!!! waaaaah

dont make me use my stando KeeperOfOath/Visan

fair enough, go on your way throughout this day
though you may ask, w h a t
to which i respond, can i take’th of your hand in marriage, i say

ok we will <3

i will send a little box of jared to you yes

dont make me use MY stando LiterallyEveryFuckingRoselightMemberWhoCanHitQ

send me jared salsa. jared flavor

ok lets fite nerb i use my stand Jared

does that mean you need 23v2 to win

radioactive baby