Who is me

i me yes
its been almost a year since i made this pathetic excuse of a forum account, so why not make a second introduction. if you want to find my first introduction from when i used to be a complete noob and idiot, look for it.

this is more of an “update” and a further “about me” if you would like to put it like that. this will also include cool things that have happened throughout the year, all completely not in order!
hi there, im an idiot who you may see around a lot on the forums. i shitpost and have enough braincells to have comedic effects on people. call me what you like, but my username says Misinput so learn to read.

my somehow rnjesus moment of how i joined Suncry

look at me go
so how did that happen? how did some 200 ping average AS player with with no pvp skill get into the most hated guild in this dead game? very tragic story indeed! :frsleepin:
lets jump back a bit, when i was STILL a complete buffoon and didnt know trading values, when i made a shop on the marketplace selling regular halloween items!
i dont know who else got this forum dm, but mister Jason (Jasono!!! :scream:) dm’d me wanting me to join the suncry discord. he sent this replying to my halloween shop. he probably did this to every little timmy on the forums, but i saw it as an absolute honour that i would actually be accepted into THE suncry. so i graciously accepted.
i levelled up a bit and joined the solace legion (now called solstice. worst name change ever.) which is all about trading and farming basically. Jason recommended me to join it, so i did.
ever since i joined, i started becoming one with the suncry and i bullied little timmy’s in still alive wom game. i ended up bullying 600ish little timmy’s, most actually being guild kids. i wasnt in a guild then, as i left my old guild.
then one day, i was bullying some random guild leader, and poggers suncry council deviable joined me!!! omg!!! anyways, i told him where the guild was, and he took a nice +2. i then just wondered around talking to him and helping him farm infamy. then, he had the best idea of inviting me to the guild for me to gain infamy, so i can contribute. i agreed.

this leaves us with today, where devi never actually kicked me. i thought he would, but whatever. this was a HUGE turning point in my “wom life” as it opened me up to heaps of opportunities. i can not stress enough how thankful i am for devi for doing that small thing for me, and Jason for inviting me to the discord. not saying i like Jason, i’m just saying im thankful for the invite.

my other guild infamy adventures

funny multiguilding

the Arcane Maids arc
after joining suncry, i was opened to join heaps more guilds. not because i was skilled, but because people thought i was skilled. i wasnt (and still am not) amazing at pvp. hell, im not even good enough to actually join suncry! but, what i can do is farm infamy. this leads me to my time in Arcane Maids.
so people might not know, but the leader of arcane maids is someone called joshiiba. we will be calling him josh. i first met josh when i was still a “beginner infamy farmer” as you might call it. i was farming for suncry, and josh was farming for his new guild called arcane maids. we ended up helping eachother, and we drifted closer to eachother. this eventually ended up with me making a second file and joining arcane maids.
josh and i ended up farming a stupid amount together, along with someone called mrbre (also known as jordy). us three plus a very small amount from other people, we were able to get arcane maids to leaderboards. if you check now, its actually #19th.
i wont talk about how i left arcane maids, as its a topic that could get me banned. so, feel free to dm me about it (Misinput#1368) if youre curious.

the Naval arc
while farming for arcane maids, i met and interacted with a lot of people. i ended up getting my name spread further within the community, which ended up getting me known, but also hated by a couple few. one of the nice guilds i interacted and farmed with was Naval.
josh, myself, box (the leader of naval), and someone called armada would farm infamy together. not all the time all four of us, but we would farm. i ended up getting swayed to join naval, which i ended up farming practically nothing for naval. but, i did talk a lot and would help out a lot with naval’s discord, and i would still farm with them (but not on my naval file).
thats all the interesting things that kind of happened with naval.

the Silverthorn arc
another person i met while in Arcane Maids was zenwell (zen for short), who is the leader of silverthorn.
now a bit about myself back then (hell idk, maybe 7months ago???), i would usually farm alone. rarely would i farm with others. so, probably the person that i farmed with the MOST was zen. no clue how, but we just kinda farmed.
i ended up getting bored of farming for naval, suncry and maids, so i decided to join silverthorn. this is also how my “love-hate” relationship with Entity occurred (i will touch base on this later).
nothing special happened with Silverthorn, other than farming like shit for a THIRD guild.

the Entity x Silverthorn arc
very small arc, but i just look back at this and giggle when i think about it.
sebi (the leader of Entity) didnt like zen too much (all of entity didnt like him actually). i got small hints about this but i never really knew or cared (did i forget to mention that i also used to farm with entity? but not for them).
one day, entity caught wind of my joining of silverthorn, and they werent pleased. this entire feud spiralled down into a war, but not a war you would expect.
entity are a pvp based guild. all they cared about was pvp. silverthorn on the other hand, was an infamy based guild. they only cared about infamy. so this turned into a small little war on the leaderboard and infamy. silverthorn and entity battled it out for the higher place on the leaderboard.
needless to say, things between entity and silverthorn are all cleared up now and they no longer hate eachother. yay!

my presence in the forum trading scene

mimhere strong ss :flushed:

when i was a smol lad, i wanted a full powerful sunken set and a strong ss. who doesnt want those when they have only played the game for like 40hrs? because i hate fishing, i opted to farm exiled.
i got a stupidly large amount of exiled drops, and ended up getting a swift ss and a full bursting sunken set with just exiled drops. i kept farming exiled for drops, though.
MANY months later (like about 6 months ago now), i decided to put the large sum of stuff i had to good use and i made a forum store. i had been quite active in the scene already; commenting on posts and such. but i decided to make a store so i can actually profit.
i have since profited! but, i am still super fucking poor! wow! thats my entire presence in the trading scene.

what am i doing now?

nothing special, my life in this community is actually quite sad now that i look back on it, but who gives a shit.
about 1-2 months ago, i set out on a mission. to people playing wom 1-2 months ago, did you see suncry had only about 550 infamy to go until superior? well, i was sick of seeing it not at superior, so i have since began farming way to hard to reach this goal.
i have farmed about 350 infamy so far, and counting. i am extremely close, so no suncry guild members screw this up for me pls :fr:

update; got another invitation to suncry
ive farmed quite a fair bit already, but i have another 160 to go

otherwise, thats just about it

if you decided to read all of those 4 headers, or decided to read one or none. thanks for reading this pathetic excuse of a topic. this has taken me about an hour to type/edit so it would mean a lot if you dont send a lot of hate.
who knows if ill make one in another year or not, i might not even be around! we’ll have to wait and see


Efnkwnkfjn kjenfkjw enkewjfnw j wkje?

Suncry member >:(((((((((

lolololol guid member dnc :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

this one?

Entity x Naval tho :pray: :100:

silverthorn is still gay tho

That was an entertaining read, but you forgot to tell them what magic you used to farm with Suncry



the legendary mimhere sword
how did you come upon such a treasure?

some random had it

lol cringe suncringe story :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

australen guild meber >:(

kills guild leader
gains no infamy
tries to kick some bad kids
tries to demote bad kids
5 hours later
joins game
kicked from guild WHEN I WAS GUILD LEADER

i joined to get that one screenshot of me dead then i left
i joined later for another picture i was planning to add, but yeah i saw i got kicked

Welcome to the forum…?

You’re not new, but as I mentioned in a previous post I am legally obligated to crop a pie!

That was quite a epic tale, so. here is this warrior pie!

It might help you grind infamy, I dunno!

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new pvp strat: give them a pie BUT IT ACTUALLY HAD A SWORD IN IT >:)


I agree