Who is responsible for this monstrosity


please… he has to take it down…
the art piece… must be lit in flames…

nah ive searched up just fanart of characters and seen weird shit

someone ping vetex

i dont think he gives a shit

Who would even consider making art like this?! It’s people like that guy who plague this community with their delusional female Vetex fan-art! :rage:


do not tell me.


hop on deviantart and find the creator’s name

Wipe that browsing history afterwards, though :joy:


leave it there

Would you rather the high detailed aternative?

wtf I want to sex femtex now???

ifunny watermark

searches for nsfw WTF NSFW?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?

but I didn’t search nsfw

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he searched for shadow warlock

apparently that’s NSFW now :pensive: