Who is telling you all this 😭

I’ve seen people complain about the sunken helmet letting you breath under water for longer (it doesn’t)
And other people saying the whole sunken set equipped gives an extra stat boost (it doesn’t)
Another person said that arcanium was burnt to give Prometheus power and that Prometheus stole everybody’s arcanium (pretty sure they were talking about aureum but that still doesn’t make sense)

5th gens getting misinformed moment, i kinda feel bad for them.

the first one would be cool though

on paper, yes.
in practice?

Aurem WAS burned as an offering. That’s why it became so rare. People used it to gain Prometheus’ favour, and gain more power, but it ran out.

Yeah but this person was saying that it was arcanium.
And also that Prometheus stole it all

the sunken stuff is propaganda by people who sell sunken gear

I don’t sell sunkens but now I wanna spread it too, reminds me of people sending ABSURD trades in trading hub of GPO just to inflate item value (specifically Elo and Scythe)