Who is the dumbest character in the arcane verse?

From Y1 to Y1867 what character has been the absolute dumbest of all time?

prometheus, how do you give someone so much power that they’re able to kill you

Prometheus did the same thing every SMT antagonist does, he forgot to put a limit on peoples power

Durza. Man blew up the world because he couldn’t beat one dude.

And he’s such a loser baby he did it AGAIN.

Zeus was pretty dumb in the Arcane universe, in traditional Greek lore bro chains up Prometheus and has an eagle eat his liver after the latter gives humans fire. But in the AU when Prometheus gives humans MAGIC, one of the LITERAL WEAPONS OF THE GODS, he does… nothing? Or at least nothing fatal.

Sure maybe some stuff did go down that we don’t know about, but considering how paranoid Zeus would get over being overthrown, you’d think he would’ve vaporized Prometheus after he did that.

zeus was just taking a nap and didnt hear the news

The player, prove me wrong


I want to believe in Durza’s power, but if he MISSES it makes it hard to believe he got all those curses.


Those curses may make him extremely powerful and immune to most damage, but they won’t fix his lazy eye

Arthur got too depressed after killing his crew and boyfriend, let Durza kill him and left the world in the hands of some 900 years old corpse that became sentient 1 year ago


I mean he was pretty badly injured, that probably threw it off by a lot