Who is the most toxic person you have ever fought?

A few months back I fought a kid who was both a legendary hero and a donator which honestly already gives the feeling he was an asshole so he attacked and killed me a bunch while spamming “LOL U SUCK” “UR SO TRASH XD” u guys get it.

About a month later I decided to mess with him a little as he was looking for a headless so I decided to tell him my friend was selling his which was false. So he gave me his discord name so I could tell him when my friend was online and after a few days he was online. He told the kid that he was not selling the headless which pissed him off a ton. He then started screaming at me on discord about it and then blocked me.

A few weeks later I ran into him in-game again and he kept challenging me to a fight. I accepted since i was bored but he had friends with him (About 5 or so people) who were all way too much to handle. But then another friend of mine helped me out and it was sort of a war. We quit after dying a fuck ton but it was worth it.

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every time i fight a legendary hero im just mentally prepared to get some deep quotes on heroism or toxicity

Yeah they use “LOL TRASH” and classic toxic quotes so much to the point where it is cringy

I swear I’ve read this before

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I posted this story on another topic that closed perhaps u saw it there

The guild update never left us…


I was the murderer in mm2 and this kid shot me right before I killed him and they were one of those people who spam ez ez ez to feed their massive ego.

poison magic users


Some loser decided to rk me while spamming “EZ XD” a million times. I just wanted to give Susan Baron some fricking ink though. A couple days later, we were in the same server and in between those days between our last fight, I had upgraded a bunch of my gear. Ended up clapping him 5 times with my Light Magic in Summerhold :sunglasses:

this is why i avoid using the “Toxic” synonym for my poison spells

It’s truly sad. Not to mention that we still have a lot of users on the forums that are very much like this with their “get gud” spam

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