"who needs 15 files"

well turns out a lot more than I thought

I couldn’t imagine playing through AO 3 times, let alone 15

Ye i only have 2 active files:
My main, about 137 hours, lightning and water mage
A file i started before the dark sea update, like 0.5 hours, gonna run shadow conj or warrior
But if you want to speedrun a slot, watch a yt “how to level up fast” video, and do it with a couple friends so you can all progress quickly and also for the boss help.

for the people who want multiple savants and all stat builds

I probably wouldn’t need all 15 but its good to have some leeway when I want to make new builds without deleting old ones or making an alt

Really hoping vetex adds an exp multipler based on how much files currently have max levels and badge obtainments (exception of leaderboadd badges)

After all we played the game already :>

(Exp booster is removed for all files until a file gets max level when level cap changes)


So we buy these new files with…robux?

What you think
After all 3+ files costed 600 robux (200 robux each)

So its basically just updating the extra files gamepass

The trello stated that more files would get updated into a limitless-loke buyable gamepass

Players would want to buy this since buying more files and such does give more statistics, ocs, just a lot more to ur main rather than your alt account not having much.

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i need 24 files

This is a leak I’ll share (I’ll die on this hill, the people must know).

Vet said that later on, he is going to add ways to more easily level alternate files, since especially once we start scraping the level 300 range, it would be a huge time sink to get another file to endgame.


I mean there’s only 30 out of 44 files done for me, so the extra 14 has to come from somewhere.

i would want 15 files…

But the Dark Sea…
It Scares me…

(i just don’t want to grind again :sob:)

Until or unless vetex adds more rival and deckhand collection slots, I’m going to need more files (via alt) to collect the NPCs I want
I’m at 12 for the builds right now, but I’ll probably make more in the future for other themes.
I rarely play any other than my main three files though.

I will make every possible class that uses explosion magic

Honestly, I hope the number increases someday
Considering I’m probably gonna make more than 15+ files on AO


Why should more files not be added to AO? (Ignoring the 2MB storage but that’s extremely hard to achieve)
Doesn’t affect the gameplay or anything, after all would just benefit vetex more

we really need an exp booster…

playing through the entire story and grinding quests to reach level 125 is already boring and painful enough…i cant imagine level 300

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