Who will win?!?

You fool. For you see, while this is true, it shows lack in fundemental understanding of the multiverse. For you see, this is not your timeline, and I have placed you here as a doppelganger of the real Broly. Now mald while I destroy your argument.
A: ratio
B: skill issue
C: L bozo
D: because of the space-time continuum, the cybernetic functionalities of the antidynapper will quit this nonsense in my favor. You lack knowledge in this, though, so in your eyes, you will have won this battle, when in reality, I won the war.
E: Aptitude impediment
F: Press F to pay respects to your argument
G: gg ez no re
H: not even close
I: myself
Because of these 9 possibilities that are the truth of this reality, you lose.

Your argument would have a smidgen of authority had this item not existed:

Image result for uno reverse

Simply as they put it, cope seethe and mald.

Good day, simpleton.

I am dating your mother. Therefore, your “argument” or “rebuttal” is irrelevant

u guys are both unredpilled and unbased and cringe

I am bettah


I actually purposely misspelled that you have fallen into my trap nyehehehe >:3

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okay pyronical

Funny, she made no mention of you, young child. Could it be that you are irrelevant entirely yourself?

No, it is that but she is trying to hide it from you, to shield you from the truth.