Who wins debate: Borsalino vs King Calvus

2 speed demons go at it who wins?

Borsalino, not even a fight

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Would magic energy be considered Haki in the OP verse or somethin

Depends on the Curse’s full power since Calvus “Used only a fraction of what my father used” or whatever

the closest thing to haki in AU would be willpower/radius fist, which Calvus doesnt… didnt have

and thats if we go loose, if we played it strict most logia users could defeat the majority of AU characters ( save for beings like Chaos cause it seems lile it can interact with souls and sht, which mean it can harm logia users )

“but Duzra can absorb-” no he fcking cant, devil fruits arent magic

“but nuke-” still doesnt matter if it isnt an element that can hurt them. The strongest earth curse user could throw the largest meteor known to man at, say, Aokiji and shatter him to bits

he still wouldnt die from that and would just reform

the only person that might be able to harm Kizaru would be a shadow curse/magic user, even then they still wouldnt be able to hit him

the problem when dealing with logia users is that they can only be countered by 3 things ( that i remember of )

  1. The Ocean, which thankfully is the majority of the world in AU, but also in OP, and it has been showed that even someone like Akainu can fly, so it wouldnt make much of a different… most of the time

  2. Haki, which AU doesnt even have, the closest thing we have to it is willpower/ radius fist. Even then, we dont know if it can actual damage logia users

  3. Elements that are opposite/superior to them, which we thankfully have loads of

if you ask me if Cursebeard could defeat Akainu, maybe, around 65% maybe, assuming island-scale is Akainu’s strongest ( im not suprised if it isnt tbh )

but Calvus, even with his grandfather’s curse vs Kizaru?

no, fcking no, Kizaru would just blitz him before he can even react, that weak a$$ explosion aint doing sht

ok but funny explosion go brrrrrrrrrrrrr

read point below

oh shit your right hmmm

i mean would Durza be able to defeat a bunch of One Piece characters?
like wouldnt his absorbed magic be amplified and be able to defeat them

he would probably be able to, yes

im talking about logia users specifically

he might/would probably be able to defeat someone like Caribou ( mud guy ) but against the higher ones he wont fare well

wait hol on he might actually be able to win Blackbeard, since his logia doesnt allow him to phase and since Duzra’s abilities are magic he wouldnt be able to disable it either

idk about the whole suck into a black hole thing tho, like, Duzra’s a spirit so maybe gravity doesnt even affect him

Bro… Borsalino beyond negative diffs King Calvus not even a competition man.

Kizaru vs Averill is the better matchup, since yeah Kizaru diffs Calvus

Kizaru would decimate Calvus so badly Revon wouldn’t even seek revenge :light_magic_var1:

I’m gonna say King Calvus.

Wait… actually, that’s kind of hard now that I think about it.

Don’t know who that is but calvus is weak as shit so probably the other guy

tbf Kizaru aka Borsalino can just whoop Calvus’s ass, plus Kizaru’s df/power is just faster and more powerful than Calvus’s aether power

Calvus only used a fraction because he only HAD a fraction


Counter: Curses are just logias with a different background. The users also become immune to all physical attacks, but magic still hurts them. Magic makes things hurt. Being hit by light can’t hurt anything but your retinas, and yet Calvus can literally smite you.

I hate online ‘vs’ arguments still, they are just full of what-ifs and headcannons. Anyone can say anyone beats something so long as they add enough conditions.

Vet already said it isnt the element itself that hurts you, its the magic energy of the attack reacting with the magic energy inside you ( dont ask me how can averill hurts people with his light curse even tho curses supposedly create the real stuffs, i dont know and i dont think even Vetex knows )

and because people from OP obv would not have magic energy in them, things like light water and wind (probably) woulnt even hurt them ( in low / weak amount ig )

same which is why i dont dive too deep into these stuffs… usually

indulging myself in pointless arguements every now and then isnt so bad

the main problem with these kinds of thing is that people are often stubborn as hell and refuse to even acknowledge the opposing side’s arguement, so instead of a debate it often turns into a quarrel

He didn’t get the whole apocalypse bringer curse brother