Who wins in a fight between a T-Rex and a wyvern?

R1: The T-Rex is bigger than the wyvern.
R2: The wyvern is bigger than the T-Rex.
R3: The wyvern and T-rex are of equal size.

in Ark Survival Evolved its the wyvern. They can fly. T-rex just run around underneath while getting shredded by breath attacks. or in DnD they can stab with their tail from above staying out of range of the jaws. Flight is broken.

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I sort of meant the wyvern in general, like if a wyvern and a T-Rex fought IRL and the wyvern didn’t have any particularly special perks aside from their established abilities (flight/fire-breathing)

t rex isnt that strong tbh they get clapped by anything with horns

? A wyvern is a mythical creature. Depending on your interpretation it could easily vary in size by an order of magnitude
This question makes no sense

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even if its small if it can fly for long enough it can just cook the t-rex.

wyvern just has to play like a nerd and camp the rex

but if the wyvern somehow manages to get caught lacking and is gripped by the rex’s jaw gg wp

This is like comparing Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson.

The fight is decided by whether the Wyvern can dodge multiple attacks and slowly knock the T-Rex’s stamina down, or if the very bulky T-Rex can withstand the hits and get a bite in.

But all it takes is one bite for the wyvern to be dead. And the match wouldn’t be interesting if the wyvern just abused its flight.

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the one who can fly wins by default, you need to use an incredibly pathetic interpretation of the wyvern for it to lose in a believable manner. But that’s just comparing the capabilities of the two creature anyways, and would only give you the rough outcome in a controlled environment. Which doesn’t matter since there’s also considerations about the environment, the weather conditions, the state of the two creatures, so on and so forth. So any answers that anyone tries to come up with does not matter because you don’t provide enough data.