Who would win in a fight to the death (Gravy vs Ass leader)

  • The King Admiral
  • The Red Council
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King admiral would be pounded into the ground but it would give three million notoriety stars to the Red council so a billion gravies would spawn and eventually overpower the red council

this is a 3 v 1

this doesnt seem very fair unless the King Admiral can call like 50 marines

Depends if Adkins spawns when they get chased

Personally, judging from the Gravy’s competency, the Red Council wins easily

We have like no information on either so we don’t know

I’m going with the King Admiral though considering how powerful Valencia was, and how the AG is basically the gravy but war sea

Don’t you mean the other way around?
Gtavy is based off of the AG but for the war seas

Yes that’s what I mean

Likelyhood is they could be the same person. As you get higher the corruption does as well and even if they are not the same person they could pay each other off and likely also use each other, or the order uses them both. If they did fight the red council would be able to easily assassinate him before the fight breaks out. If the one doing hunting is navy and somehow finds them then the assassin leader would be able to at least escape and never really die. So in a battle to death its either a draw or eventual win for the assassin syndacate.

Although we don’t know what each one is capable of yet in the story but judging that they are both extremely powerful and The Red Council being 3 people and The King Admiral being 1 person I am betting on the Council