Whoever writes for Magius News should be fired

I didn’t mean to ever post on the forum but this infuriated me so much that I had to.

So today I was hunting Exiled for boss drops. I was on villain storyline so this meant that I needed unfriendly or higher rep to keep my tracker. I was just about to deal the finishing blow to Exiled and moments before it killed him, Magius News published a new issue where I was on the main headline for surrendering to the council like 15 mins prior. This made me hostile and as soon as I killed Exiled I lost my tracker.

Please vetex, if you keep the news feature in AO, remove the dumb headline that reduces your rep for being arrested, it’s completely unnecessary and cancerous.

TL;DR Magius news sucks and me mad

Well on the bright side, now you have a minotaur tracker

well cant do anything/wont do anything exiled trackers isnt a game thing its a glitch so its glitch abusing


Skill issue