Whos the most evil greek god?

Apollo, bro skinned someone because they lost to him in a musical contest



destroy my enemies

Zeus is practically a Tyrant so him.

I like how when it comes to Greek Mythology, Zeus is considered a good guy and Hades is considered a maniacal villain when it’s quite the other way around


Cringe mf

Hades winning

its more media portrayals that do that

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Zeus has done a lot worse than skinning people

I heard Zeus, Poseidon, and Aphrodite have done some unkind things.

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Helios threatened to turn off the sun when Odysseus ate his celestial cows.

I think that goes a few steps beyond the horrible things most of them have done.


helios is a titan

hehe poseidon was a pe-[REDACTED]

Are “god” and “titan” mutually exclusive? The first result on Ecosia refers to Helios as a god and a titan.

seems rather tame

titan and god are different but some titans are known as a god/titan, i personally see helios as a titan not a god

Helios is definitely known as “The Sun God

They’re basically the same in everything except for title and ranking
Titans were former Rulers of the Earth that were overthrown once the Olympians (current gods) took over, and many titans were the parents of gods who are part of the Olympians.

So yes, Titans are gods, but for simplicity’s sake they’re just lumped into different groups

hes a titan too