Why a fight between two users of a Grand Fire Curse will always end in a draw

Let’s assume person A has the Darkflame curse, and person B the Scorch curse. As curses go, a curse user will be immune to their element. Person A and person B both control fire.

Therefore, person A will never defeat person B, and vice versa.

But it’s magical fire and not real fire? I doubt they would be immune to it

a curse is its own element

A curse is the purest form of it’s respective magic

Although both of them are flames, aren’t they different kinds of flames? They would still have an effect on each other. It makes sense considering you can be afflicted with an insane amount of burn debuffs (Morock Fire Sword Attacks).

Each Grand Fire also has different properties. Darkflame and Scorch are different elements, and although they take the form of fire, they’re still fundamentally different. Their curse variants would follow these same rules. Additionally, the Grand Fire magics and curses are also ranked on strength. We could assume that one would prevail over the other.

it’s not magic…

It’s literally the purest form of magic :fr:

Yeah it’s different from regular magic, but it’s still the purest form

and this is one of the many reasons why mud magic is better :joy_cat:


I don’t think so, as the separate Grand Fire Curses are special enough that they can’t control each other’s fire

It’s kinda like saying that a Phoenix Curse User vs a Fire Curse User will end in a draw because both control “Fire”

The only times I can imagine fights being a draw like this situation is Fighting a God who can control the respective element (Cursebeard’s Tide Curse vs Poseidon’s Will to control the Ocean) (Morock vs Prometheus)

mud magic is actually gonna be a good lost why do people hate it so much

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1: it looks like poop magic
2: it might have below average to garbage damage or magic / casting speed cause of it’s seemingly good slowdown (probably most plausible once its released)
3: trauma from mud-related incidents
4: has / had a poop-related disease

Love the fact where none of this is credible

Source: it was revealed to him in a dream

Flare is a prophet of Vetex :pray:

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