Why acid changed it look bad


pls change to the WoM acid i dont like the AO acid it look bad

I mean, the visuals aren’t final, like at all, Vet said that himself

water looks just as bad too

bro is complaining about the wrong visuals

#coldanddarkjustice :ice_magic_var1: :shadow_magic:

you gotta be more resourceful guys, you can solve the dark justice with water magic

Am confus how water fix shitty shadow visuals

its dark humor (no pun intended there its literally really evil humor)

oh wait is that a BLM protest joke-



banana dawg that’s not okay bruh :skull:

sheesh man

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sorry my brain is just a menace

i struggle to live because of it

some old lady told me that my phone (i was holding it) wasn’t around when she was born and i said “damn that must’ve been so long ago”