Why are horror movies always about murder?

self explanatory title

Cause murder is scary


Ah you mean Slashers. There are other horror movies that are more about psychological horror but they’re harder to find.

The answer is The fear of death and a threat to your survival

It’s safe to say that those types of movies have lost their sting for the most part and are overdone, but nobody wants to be chased and die fighting a losing battle against a supernatural entity.

probably scares us on a primal level

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it is scary and relates to irl fears

because people are scared of dying

cause murder is scary

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i don’t even find horror shows/movies that scary tbh but i guess i’m somewhat desensitized and therefore it takes much scarier stuff to scare me

the exact circumstances affect this as well. i probably wouldn’t even be scared by horror games if i have someone next to me or it’s daytime/there’s a lot of lights on. but if the opposite is true then it could get real scary

there was also some time where i binged some youtube channel that made videos on urban legends and copypastas etc that were actually pretty scary to me at the time, and i did develop a fear of the dark for a little while. there’s something specific about it though. where i’m scared of being alone in the dark, but if i have any other creature with me then i’m not.

might i add that i have tinnitus so that doesn’t help the atmosphere either :skull:

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Slashers are pretty mid in my opinion and definitely are overrated. Some are good and Scream is my favorite for a multitude of reasons but I definitely love psychological horror movies more.

Slashers have their ups though. I am a big fan of gore and finding that in a psychohical horror movie isn’t too common as it’s usually tamer. Still not bad, simplicity never hurts, but still it’s a plus for slashers, for me, for sure.


I don’t swear often. Its against who I am as a person.
But if I saw this in the corner of the room…


Alien Xenomorph Digital Art by Nick Lopez - Pixels

I still want a momo horror movie


?!??!? :interrobang:

movie was hilarious

for years I thought Scary Movie was the original Scream since that was the movie my family watched for who knows how long when I was a kid. Might’ve been like a year but yk as a kid that shit feels like an eternity.

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Gore is good in horror movies, everything else, uhm…

Huge fan tbh

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i just learned scary movie wasnt the original sceam :skull:

Murder, or death is basically the ultimate primal fear. Almost every person at minimum wishes to avoid it, so people when they make horror movies feel like they must include some sort of element of murder, it takes away everything you have and also sets a sort of stake, keeping the audience more anticipated for the villian

they arent always about murder