Why are "suggestions" not allowed in #game-discussion?

Yeah sure, vetex may not be accepting suggestioms at this time. However, id think that this is not grounds for locking and deleting posts for this reason. Most of these threads are either for speculation or are ideas that users had that they think would be a good addition to the game, whether or not veted accepts it or not. These posts are a net positive for the community and provoke thought about how the game can be, and should not be deleted simply because vetex isnt feeling like it.

I feel stupid @Artanaris please close

when the suggestions category got closed people were making really stupid suggestions as well as repeat ones

How would that justify newer, higher quality suggestions being locked?

People decided to play stupid games so we all won stupid prizes. Plus, there isn’t a need for suggestions yet as we don’t even know fully what’s in or not in the game.

I understand that there isnt a need for them, but that could also be said about most #game-discussion posts. So what makes suggestion posts so special that they must be deleted 100% of the time?

That’s a nice query, but when the fuck is #guilds:guild-recruitment coming back?

they were being filled with troll suggestions

Game Discussion - Specific Rule 1 1. Do not post suggestions in #game-discussion. Suggestions belong in #suggestions. However, discussion about an automatically closed suggestion is permitted.

Why are guild advertisements not allowed in #marketplace ? It’s not the correct category. The suggestions category is closed, meaning they’re not accepting suggestions. If people were continuously putting them in game discussion it 1) defeats the purpose of closing suggestions and 2) will clog up game discussion and the actual posts intended for the category further to the bottom.

Why would you suggest something for a game that you’ve seen a collective 45 seconds of gameplay? I’ve seen multiple suggestions that either don’t fit the game, are nearly impossible to code, or are just plain stupid/bad. There’s also a difference between actual speculation and trying to pass a suggestion as speculation.

And if this was inspired by the Grand Navy topic by Adiris that was closed yesterday, Adiris is notorious for making multiple actual suggestions even after being told not to many times. It’s obvious that was a suggestion.

He isn’t the only one, most mods enforce it so long as it’s enough to be considered a suggestion

Game Discussion is still relevant as it pertains to discussions about AA, WoM, and AO. It really isn’t a forum about a game if it doesn’t include discussions about the game itself. Yes, there are multiple pointless posts in #game-discussion but it is almost impossible for mods to say “Hmm, this discussion is kinda leaning to the useless side so I think I’ll go and delete/close this post right here.” on every post they come across. Suggestions became such a problem that they are now temporarily not allowed on the forums, not nearly on the scale of game discussion. Not only that, but as I said before they aren’t really needed as of now.

People kept making suggestions about changing the way AO features work. But, since the game isn’t out, no one knows how AO features work and thus most of the suggestions were irrelevant. The category will likely be opened up when AO releases.

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