Why are when items sold to shops you get less than they're worth

I remember in my first play through, I caught a great white worth around 200 galleons, I went to the shop to sell it and got 60. I don’t understand why this is the case, can someone enlighten me?

prolly like depreciation or sm idfk

All items are sold at 1/4 of their original price. It would be stupid if it was 1:1, and 1/4 just does’nt break the system.

Some items like gems retain their full value

for fish?

Answering the question it’s mostly because vetex still hasn’t decided to seperate shit that cant be bought from shit that CAN be value wise.

I will never understand why he does it for fish and sunken items though.
You’re never buying that shit so why is it’s worth not as much as it sells for grrr :rage:

why would it be stupid if it was 1:1? because the economy in a vetex game would make sense for at least once?

It’s just how many games make their economy. Especially RPG games.

I think it’s to encourage people to use the trading system, especially with really expensive stuff like boss drops. Though I do admit, the difference between a given item’s value in trading vs the game’s own shop systems is really glaring. Just take arcspheres for example. They are a measly 300 galleons when you can manage to find them in a wandering merchant’s shop. But because they are really annoying to get, and super good in a build to use, they can go for upwards to ~8k galleons on the player based economy.

I mean trading is a good thing but I guess this whole 1/4 thingy is fine. I mean it doesn’t really cause problems I just was curios.

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