Why aren't there any bull sharks?

Though this might come off to some as a suggestion, this much more of a question than anything.

As the title the says: why aren’t there any bull sharks in AO? Now I know this question can simply be chalked up to that Vetex didn’t add this type of shark in for whatever reason or he somehow forgot this shark even existed, though the latter seems unlikely considering we have many type of sharks in-game already such as the basking shark and kitefin shark. Now you might be wondering why I think it’s weird that out of all sharks, why I think this one not being in the game seems weird to me. With that said, I will explain why I think it’s weird that the bull shark isn’t in AO.

Now, if you had to think of three sharks, what would they be? For most people it would likely be the following: The great white, the tiger shark and of course the bull shark. Though shark attacks aren’t often, the three I just mentioned are the most likely to attack humans. With this said, you may be able to understand why not seeing this one type of shark in game irritates me much as it does.

This is everything I have to say in this question/rant and I’d like to know others opinions on it.

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i’ve never heard of a bull shark until now

Considering some of AO gameplay is inspired by Black Flag in some way, I do wonder why they don’t add Bull Shark, maybe time constraint?

I do also hope Vetex add more sea monster/creature we can fight than sharks, maybe a whale (Including Moby Dick), Orca, and Narwhal, or a new sea monster than white eye

who the hell thinks of a bull shark before the comedically shaped hammerhead shark


i usually think of great white, megalodon, and lemon shark

guess you have a point there. was more referring to the top 3 deadliest sharks that may come to mind, with the bull shark being one of them.

also, now that you mention it, im pretty sure there aren’t hammerhead sharks in game either.

In terms of IRL, I think of Great White, Hammerhead, and Tiger

I get what you’re saying though, Great White, Tiger, and Bulls are the main trio of aggressive sharks with a good history of attacking humans. I think it mainly comes down to how special the Bulls would be in comparison to the sharks we have now. Do we need more normal enemy sharks that scales up? Why do we need more basic sharks if we can go ham and add special sharks?

Not against having a Bull shark though

Though it may not seem obvious at first, the thing that would likely separate the bull sharks from other sharks we currently have in game is where they could be found.

What I do I mean by this? For starters, the most common place they likely would be found in AO would be they oceans. However, I do think on rare occasions that finding them in the swamps of the Forest of Cernunno would make total sense do to their ability to survive in freshwater for long periods at a time.