Why boxing block like a dumie see how does u block like that bro

Why boxing block like a dumie see how does u block like that bro https://forum.arcaneodyssey.dev/uploads/default/original/3X/d/7/d7170e178f75521e05c3d562a57a416e1660b21e.jpeg
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Change blocking animation in Boxing fighting style to be better and faster. You know how when you have like a dagger in your equip slot and when you press G it blocks faster and better. make it so when you have a boxing fighting style you block cooler. maybe even add variations so its not the same type of block like shown below in the “GOOD” photo section but like when you block its blocking good because in boxing you dont block with one block animation you sometimes do like floyd maywheter and block like a pro with different animations variations.


take a look at this clip. why does it hug some invisible dude before i block. im litteraly in ready stance with my hands in my boxing gloves i should be blocking like a boxer and not like a loser

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I’m tempted to move this to #suggestions since this feels like it should have been there from the start lol

this is actually a good idea

boxing should just get a buff in general lol

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how do i move it to suggestsions

trust level two
Should take a few days to obtain depending on your activity here.

+ suggestor

ok can you move it to the suggestions tab for me icant do it

Conflicted on it, I’ll think about it.

being able to disable boxing gloves would be a godsend and would be a good enough buff

Why the conflict?
This is a good suggestion

Moved to #suggestions. Added #changerequest.

i think when you change the topic category it doesn’t change when it expires so this suggestion will stay open for half a year because it still classifies as game discussion :skull:

it could also just be manually closed

this rise problem whenever animation pack supports blocking

I mean, you can always change the color of the gloves if you wear the actual “Gloves” accessory. I made mine blue for a while before switching to Thermal fists.

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