Why cant i enter nimbus sea

you’re not worthy

Because you’re a loser (don’t shoot the messenger)

Wisdom stat is too low clearly

shoot the messenger and then yourself

“you were not brave enough to enter another sea”

you need to go through the triangles

…i did
i went through the triangles with the entire ship
i just posted the picture as my ship being in the triangle because forums have trouble uploading mp4’s that aint youtube links

also the ‘pop-up’ didnt show up

I just noticed that Vetex has Text Scrapper. I wonder what causes problems with newspaper and if I choose very long character name, then its may cause problems with appearing on the news?

probably this…failing to create the teleport confirmation box on the screen, try another server probably

but aside from that, some other stuff is breaking with the game too. at random, my player name from the the top of the player list disappears, and one specific decal portrait on my brig doesnt load the image anymore

I tried this two more times in the past
Once from nimbus to bronze
The second from bronze to nimbus

Both times failed, and it was a relatively young-mid aged server

just use the servers tab on the main menu then teleport into an nimbus sea server then

Oh my god you idiot then the 100+ items on my deck won’t be saved that, in fact, took over 16 minutes to sell to the shipwright, and yes, I have recorded the entire thing

oh yeah i think teleports were broken that day, so that’s probably why it didnt work

But also that would mean you wouldn’t be able to enter the bronze sea either, since that is also a teleport.

my three attempted teleports were on different days

teleporting from server list works

Surprising, since I thought all teleports were down at that time