Why do boss weapons still have value?

So I’ve been looking around on the marketplace area of the forum more recently and I still don’t understand why boss weapons have retained their value especially ones with the best current enchantments. As everyone here is aware they’re getting changed into different items when AO drops but people still trade with them for really rare items. As well, the enchantments would be getting wiped off them anyway considering they’ll be turned into new items. So how does a say a strong oathkeeper have any more value over a clean one? Is there something I’m missing here?

its gambling
we dont know what the exchange is
everybody is guessing it’ll be new boss drops

According to some testers, the boss items will be turned into items that are supposed to be better than the WoM ones.
Second reason, people might just be uninformed.
3rd, there is still about 6 months or more until TGR. In that time, people would be able to but boss items and trade them away.

Cuz values and shit don’t change till the update, and the boss drop compensation is gonna be allegedly more useful.

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The honest truth is that most traders are just really short-sighted. They don’t care about the future, they only care about the now.

it’s to flex

AO is too far away for the values to change. Maybe when ao is like 1 month away that every boss drop would become equally valuable but till then it wouldnt make sense.
Enchants arent gonna be carried over? interesting, i didnt know that. Still first point stands

@Idk thats not true, theres just no reason to look 5 ish month into the future for boss drops. Im curious tho, where did you get this assumption from?


Out of my ass


no, its just that the forum are half dead

first of all, AO is in like what, 5 months? 4 months? we dont know how long it would be, as of right now getting more boss drops and weapons and even just common items might help in ao since you dont know what will become of them. And if we dont care about the future why are we stocking up? why are we getting itmes for AO? and we do care about now and AO thats why we making trades, trying to get items etc. Do overall we care and probably know more than you.

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bruh most wrong thing I’ve ever heard :fr:

why care about that when you can just abuse the value rn to get as many boss drops as possible and then gamble with ao tgr

basically: rn heavy woj = 10~ boss armor.

get a shitload of boss armor. tgr. ez profit.

people have been saying that since it was first announced he was making ao
does time not move for you?

Vetex has given an actual estimation which is the end of the year people were saying 5 months cuz we didn’t know much about the actual size of the update.

yes but after people talked about it and vetex said it was gonna be close to the end of the year, meaing like 5 or 4 months.

As I said before, the boss items will be turned into something of equal or higher value. So they are still in the economy, they will just be changed with TGR.

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