Why do everyone hate the french?

Like seriously, why everyone hate the french? Like what I’ve seen they get more clown on than the Brits

I hate the french

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Yeah but why

they are the french

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But, what did they do

A lot

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Can you list most of them?

I attempt to make fun of both of them equally

truth is there is no reason why
the internet is just heavily xenophobic


fair enough

As a Brit: Fuck the French.


Because they’re weird

they eat snails and frogs bro

what’d my poor snails and frogs do to them french people :sob:

(of course I have actual no hate for the french but I do genuinely get a little freaked out from the idea of eating some french dishes)

fRENCH!!! :rage::rage::rage:

all jokes aside i hate the french the way some people hate gingers, i dont actually but its funny to say i do

Gen Z humor I guess

to be fair, france isn’t the only country that eats snails and frogs (i’m looking at you italy)

have you heard the tale of the ortolan

i have been learning french just so i can be more direct with my insults towards them