Why do mages have to use multiple magics?

i love aether magic and all nuke related magic so why do I have to use two magics when I just want to main one? some of you might say go conjurer but conjurer got less magic stats then an actual mage.

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Dont use the other magic then?

why not making an option of main one instead of two? I believe its a better solution and people will enjoy and benefit from it.

Just get a magic that buffs your first magic and use your first mainly?

For example I do this as a water mage, literally the main reason i picked ice as my second is because water does 10% more damage to freezing targets

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It’s more to add depth to the game as that would mean mages couldn’t do much apart from what their first magic allows

I don’t even use my second magic even though it is a great synergy for my current magic. I chose magma only because I can create a platform in water if I’m running low on stamina

A good amount do tbh like I use lightning and water

i wish the requirements for the 2nd magic were lower I would love to use shapes/ult arts on my 2nd magic

Even then my second magic is so small it’s impossible to hit people with it

what magic is it

Magma lol

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